Solar Panel Installation in Glendale, AZ

Aneva Solar wants to introduce you to the many benefits of a solar panel installation in Glendale, AZ. We take pride in tailoring systems specific to your home or business, using only the best components from proven manufacturers. And, since we’re able to handle everything at 10-20% less than other installers, you’re able to get an even bigger return on your investment! It’s time to start exploring the benefits of solar. You can’t afford not to!

Are you leaving money on the table? That would be the case if someone offered you multiple hundred-dollar bills and you walked away. However, people do the same with all the rebates and incentives available for solar power installation. Combined, these benefits provided by the government for new installations can literally amount to more than half of the cost of installation being covered. And that doesn’t even include the other benefits that naturally come with a solar power installation in a home, enjoying less reliance on the traditional power grid in Glendale AZ.

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Why Choose Solar?

There are so many reasons to consider solar systems in Glendale, AZ if you’re contemplating an upgrade to your home or business. Let our experienced solar installers shed a little light on what makes solar such a great investment:

  • Energy bill savings, starting immediately
  • Solar is independent of rising energy costs
  • There are state and federal tax incentives
  • You can sell unused energy back to the grid
  • Solar panels are sustainable, lasting 25-40 years
  • Solar is environmentally friendly
  • Adds equity to your home or business

Let us provide context for these benefits! When we sit down to consult with you, we’ll take the time to map out your costs and savings, so you see firsthand what you’re getting.

Our Approach

We’re in the business of designing custom solar systems that deliver maximum return to our customers. We use only the best components from LG, Hyundai, SolarEdge, SMA and Fronius, ensuring your system functions perfectly and lasts for decades.

When it comes to installation, we never cut corners and aim to exceed expectations. We even take the time to address your questions directly and help you understand financing and terms. Our goal is to help you be as confident in your solar investment as we are in providing it!

Traditional Power vs. Solar

When it comes to comparisons, people oftentimes automatically compare solar to the traditional energy grid. In reality, this comparison is not accurate nor realistic. The fact is solar power owners enjoy both. The connection to the traditional grid doesn’t disappear once one installs solar power. The change causes one the ability to enjoy options and choices. Utility power grid support is present, but it’s not the only power source one can use. And, with solar installed, a home’s power source continues even when the traditional grid cuts off due to blackouts or similar.

Glendale has a Natural Advantage

Glendale AZ, like the rest of state, is one of the most advantageous when it comes to leveraging the efficiency of solar power on a home. With well over 300 days a year receiving sun, the state generates an amazing amount of energy potential, if someone is able and willing to harness it. That comes in utilizing the latest technology solar panel installation in Glendale.
Keep in mind, the panels utilized today are light years away from what they were just a decade ago. And even though much of the rumors of old panels comes from the early models in the 1980s, today’s solar panels are incredibly reliable, powerful and can last up to 30 years with the quality available now.

Installation Isn’t Just Equipment

A high-quality installation of solar panels in Glendale AZ involves far more than just the right equipment. It also involves a proper installation done right to avoid preventable problems going forward. For example, the first big issue involves how the panels are installed. For example, if the majority of sun a home gets comes from the east to the west, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to position the panels in a north-south position. However, this happens a lot when any other company comes along and just installs panels in the first open roof space available on a building.

Instead, a quality approach considers the actual position of the house to the sun, and how the panels can be installed best to make sure they get the most sun possible. It seems like a simple concept, but installers in a hurry regularly skip this point just to get the sale done. That’s not the case with a quality job.

The equipment compatibility and service, of course, in the next step. Configuration, tuning, and management are what makes the system work correctly and reliably. This also requires an expertise. However, a better service continues to provide help and support even after installation. This difference is why a quality installation ultimately stands out over other choices.

Bring in Expertise for the Best Solar Choices

Avena Solar puts customer service as its top priority with solar panel installation in Glendale. We work with every customer, examine every home specifically for what it needs, and then we make sure every system installed works the right way the first time. Next, we provide ongoing support, which includes training you how to optimize your system’s operation as well as its maintenance and longevity in operation.

Avena Solar stands out in service and customer referral because our teams, installations and customer support speak volumes for itself. We’re ready to help you change your home and reliance on power for the better. Give us a call for a consultation. We’ll be happy to show you how solar works best for your specific home, and the freedom it gives you from the traditional grid. Avena Solar is there for you and Glendale every day, not just for an immediate installation alone.

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