Solar Panel Installation in Chandler, AZ

Aneva Solar wants to introduce you to the many benefits of a solar panel installation in Glendale, AZ. We take pride in tailoring systems specific to your home or business, using only the best components from proven manufacturers. And, since we’re able to handle everything at 10-20% less than other installers, you’re able to get an even bigger return on your investment! It’s time to start exploring the benefits of solar. You can’t afford not to!

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Why Choose Our Solar Panel Contractors?

Investing in solar systems in Chandler, AZ means benefitting from a broad range of factors. From cost to the environment, solar brings you unique benefits that make it a great addition to any home or business:

  • Energy bill savings, starting immediately
  • Solar is independent of rising energy costs
  • There are state and federal tax incentives
  • You can sell unused energy back to the grid
  • Solar panels are sustainable, lasting 25-40 years
  • Solar is environmentally friendly
  • Adds equity to your home or business

Looking for real numbers, so you can make an informed decision about solar? Our solar panel contractors will break these benefits down specific to your home or business, so you can see them in real terms.

Our Approach

Talk solar in Chandler and everybody in town understands the same language. It’s not a foreign concept. Solar has been well established in Chandler, AZ for a number of years. So, customers are expected to be well-informed. In fact, new arrivals to Chandler tend to be a bit surprised how informed Chandler residents are about smart harnessing of renewable energy. In fact, the energy resource is so well accepted, Chandler City was the first in the country to incorporate the use and installation of solar systems in the city’s municipal code. That gave the locality the green light to install solar on all the city buildings where possible and it made good public purpose sense. Even the city parking garages and the police department have solar systems installed.

And why not? Arizona is a natural sunlight magnet. The state gathers and receives more sun exposure than most of the other 49 states in the Union. No surprise, Chandler residents and businesses have been at the forefront in taking advantage of solar as well. At least 1,500 buildings of one type or another have solar panels on them. And, by 2020, the city was producing at least 1.5 to 2 million kWh of energy from city municipal panels alone.

So, clearly, solar is not something people in Chandler are turning a blind eye to. Instead, they are sharing and encouraging adoption. And for good reason; solar comes with a ton of benefits as well, both for the average home as well as a business. Right off the top, solar power generation produces savings that practically pay for the system in approximately 7 to 8 years of use on a regular basis. And homes or buildings with sizeable roof space benefit even more. That said, nobody is left out. By most estimates, probably 98 percent of the buildings, whether home or business, in Chandler can have solar installed on them.

Considerations for New Solar

Every home and building is different. That might be hard to believe in suburban areas, but it’s technically true. So, when a new solar installation in Chandler is going to be started, the specifications have to be determined first. Those specs depend on four big factors: the roof angle where the panels will go, the amount of roof space, the solar system to be used, and the Chandler weather. How these factors change or differ from one building to another then affects the amount of labor involved with the given installation. However, as mentioned earlier, just about every building in Chandler can use solar to some degree. How much just depends on the details being measured correctly.

Arizona Wants to See More Solar

New customers also have a lot to gain by signing on to the alternative energy approach. First off, Arizona state has unique motivators specific for its state residents to consider, to encourage more solar installation. That includes a solar power property tax exemption, essentially voiding any kind of tax increase on the property due to the added solar panels and system. This is in addition to the tax credits and deductions at the federal level that have been continued thanks to the recent Inflation Act, generating additional cost offsets for solar installations. Finally, there is also the Arizona state tax credit for an additional offset benefit. Combined, all three represent thousands of dollars in cost reduction thanks to government tax help for solar homeowners.

Aneva Solar Makes it Easy to Start with Solar

While the technology of solar has definitely leaped forward dramatically, and today’s systems are extremely efficient, powerful, and durable, their installation also makes a big difference in how such systems perform and can be relied on. A bad installation, no matter how good the parts and technology, will operate poorly and need repeat repairs. On the other hand, a high-quality installation provided by expert technicians like those with the Aneva Solar team start off right and continue to keep operating right from day one.

Which Type of Solar Panel is Best?

When you bring in our Aneva Solar team for a consultation, it becomes extremely clear our customer-centric approach is designed to produce a solar system installation that works for you, specifically. We don’t take a cookie-cutter, generic approach of a one-size-fits-all. Aneva Solar has proven our approach again and again in Chandler and elsewhere in Arizona, which is the number one reason why our team continues to receive new referrals all the time. We’ll never be so egotistical to say we’re the only ones and the best in Chandler for solar energy installation, but we’re pretty proud of the fact that our track record clearly speaks for itself in so many homes in Chandler with our installations on them. Call us to find out more for your home or business in Chandler.

Explore the Benefits of Solar

The many benefits of solar are yours for the taking! Just contact us and schedule an appointment with Aneva Solar today and let us walk you through the design and solar panel installation process. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and will make sure you get the very best out of your decision to invest in solar technology.

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