Solar Panel Installation in Sun City, AZ

Why consider solar panels now? The better question is, why not? Homeowners in Sun City are in a prime location for the benefits of solar power, both directly and indirectly.

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Being at the Steering Wheel of Your Energy Access

First off, as most folks expect and know, solar power is direct energy generation for a building. The more sun that is available, the more it provides into converted energy that can be used as electricity. That gives a homeowner financial benefits in savings from utility bills that would otherwise have to be paid to the traditional grid provider, it gives the homeowner better control of energy production for his or her home that works regardless of whether the normal grid is working, and it gives the homeowner the added benefit of selling back to the grid. Since electricity can’t be stored, except in batteries, it has to be transmitted. The grid can take it and share it with other homeowners on the same network, so the provided homeowner gets a credit for the same in return.

The added comfort and stability of knowing one has power, no matter what happens with the traditional power grid is a great feeling to have. As modern grids, including that for Sun City, continue to be strained by added growth and suburban development, but a lack of matching growth in power generation on the same grid they use, blackouts and brownouts are becoming far more common now in the 2020s. Add in that entire districts are being turned off due to fire danger as well, there’s even more of a reason for a homeowner to have an alternative for power.

This Isn’t Your Grandparents’ Solar System

There was a time when installing solar power on a home or business was esoteric, unique, and darn expensive. That was because the panels and related technology at the time was harder to get a hold of, mostly imported and not widely supported. However, what folks need to remember is that paradigm was some four decades ago, i.e., the 1980s. A lot has changed since. Solar power today is far more widespread as an industry, the quality of the product is far more reliable, dependable and long-lasting, and there is an infrastructure support for solar power now that didn’t exist a few decades earlier. As a result, the cost for today’s systems has come down significantly, they perform far better, and have maintenance support. The same couldn’t be said for those early installations. The earliest owners practically had to be their own mechanics. No surprise, many of them broke and then became a big, ugly eyesore. Today’s systems installed by Avena Solar are a night and day difference, fully supported for any issues, and maintained professionally, extending their lifecycle dramatically.

Solar Installation Incentives

Keep in mind as well, there are still incentives for solar installation as well. The government fully supports the adoption of the technology, so many of the tax deductions and tax credits still remain for solar installation. It varies from state to state, but the federal version is expected to continue at least. Known as tax credits, which provide a dollar-for-dollar benefit to homeowners, the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit, the Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit, and the Home Electric Vehicle Charger Credit are all still in place and currently extended by the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. Combined, these benefits provide thousands of dollars in tax credit benefits for homeowners specifically, reducing the overall cost of installation.

Bringing in the Experts for the Best Installation Available

Avena Solar has one of the strongest names in the solar power installation industry. Whether its residential or business, Avena Solar can handle the facility design and provide the most efficient and practical solar system setup for a customer. And the reason why Avena Solar provides such high quality again and again with each installation is the fact that they combine experience, know-how, customer service and high-quality system parts for a full package. No matter how challenging, Avena Solar always puts the customer first with the right price, the right work, and the right follow up to make sure everything works and stays working as expected or better. And we prefer better. By providing a comprehensive approach, from beginning to completion, Avena Solar makes Sun City solar installation incredibly easy. With our professional approach, there’s no guessing or ambiguity. So, give us a call to get started and step into the 21st century with home or business energy.

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