Arizona Solar Consumers Buyers Checklist: Questions you should always ask solar contractors throughout the buying process

As Arizona solar consumers, it’s crucial to ask these questions to make an informed decision when purchasing a solar system. Your choice of a reliable and experienced solar contractor will ensure a successful transition to clean and sustainable energy.


  • Do you subcontract your installation or sales teams, are they 1099?
  • Will you use any third-party contractors to complete my installation in any way?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many W2 employees do you have?
  • Are your employees W2 employees or 1099?
  • What insurance do you carry?
  • How many installations have you completed while in business?
  • What are your ratings on Yelp, Google, Angie’s List and BBB?
  • Have you had any complaints with the registrar of contractors?
  • Have you had any complaints about BBB?
  • Do you have a physical office I can visit if needed?
  • Do you have a dedicated service team, or do you pull other staff to fix items?
  • What is your roof warranty?
  • What is your system production warranty?
  • What are your solar panel and inverter warranties?
  • What is the degradation of the solar panels you offer over at year 25.
  • Do you handle the permitting and HOA submittals?
  • How do you seal each roof penetration? What is the process?
  • Do you complete a post installation quality control check?
  • Do you complete a post installation solar system performance check?