How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Solar Panel Longevity

Solar panels can last 25-30 years. You’ll continue to save money as long as your system continues to effectively produce electricity. Some factors that affect the service life of a solar panel are installation and maintenance. Only hire professionals to ensure proper system installation; incorrect installation can lead to problems and more repairs. Additionally, get regular maintenance to keep your system running optimally.

Why Solar Panel Maintenance Is Important

Just like any other machine or equipment, your solar panel system also needs regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently and safely, maximizing your savings. While it doesn’t need extensive maintenance, we recommend inspecting it every 12-18 months. Regular maintenance also helps prevent costly repairs and extends the service life of your system. 

Regular maintenance includes visual inspections and simple repairs on some of the components. Try to not perform DIY maintenance; hire an experienced professional instead to ensure the task is properly carried out.

How to Maximize the Service Life of Your Solar Panels

As mentioned, you need regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Below are other tips to help maximize solar panel life spans:

  • Cleaning it: Remove any dirt or debris from the surface, ensuring your solar panel generates enough energy. Check it every few weeks and ensure no sharp objects might potentially damage it. If you get snow in the area, dust it off before it starts to melt, or it might damage the mounting points and joints.
  • Protecting it: Cover the solar panels with a heavy-duty, waterproof tarp to protect your solar panels from the elements. Keep yourself informed about the weather, so you’re better prepared. Consider getting a backup battery as well to store excess power if there’s no sunlight. 
  • Inspecting regularly: In addition to getting professional maintenance, schedule visual inspections, and call a technician immediately if you suspect a problem.

Installing solar panels helps you save money and increases the value of your home. However, proper maintenance enables them to continue to generate enough power. Use the tips above, and contact us if you have other concerns about your solar panels. 

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