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Reasons Why You Should Invest in Solar Energy

Investing in Solar Energy Are you looking for a reliable energy source for your home or business? Solar panels provide clean, renewable energy — as long as your system is properly installed and there’s sunlight, solar panels will continue to generate electricity for your home. You can keep the lights on and power your appliances […]

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How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Solar Panel Longevity Solar panels can last 25-30 years. You’ll continue to save money as long as your system continues to effectively produce electricity. Some factors that affect the service life of a solar panel are installation and maintenance. Only hire professionals to ensure proper system installation; incorrect installation can lead to problems and more […]

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Aneva Solar: The Top Solar Installation Company in Arizona!

If you’re looking for the best solar installation company in Arizona, look no further than Aneva Solar. As one of the top solar energy companies in the state, Aneva is dedicated to maximizing your return on investment and providing seamless integration of your solar panels into your home, it’s no wonder that Aneva is the […]

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