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Bear Is Worried About The Beans March 27, 2020

Bear Is Worried About The Beans

"Great customer service and quality work. I recommend Aneva to everyone who asks."
Dan Coccimiglio March 18, 2020

"Let me start by saying I have been in sales myself for over 35 years, the last 20 in the financial markets. So I did my due diligence and spoke with and met several solar companies. When I met Anthony the owner at Aneva I knew I found the right company. He's very honest and not high pressure like so many of the other companies. The rest of the office is exceptional as well. I truly believe this is the best solar company in the entire valley. I have not had my system installed yet and i will update my review once it's installed in approximately 60 days.( Waiting on APS and city of Peoria) All the companies told me about the same time frame. Do yourself a favor and talk with at least 3-5 solar companies and than call Aneva. I GUARANTEE YOU WILL CHOOSE ANEVA! If you don't you will have sold yourself short. In my case I had talked with well over 5 and found they were all high pressure. You can save yourself time after getting educated with one or two presentations and proposals at home by calling and talking to the companies on the phone to get their proposals. You will get a real good feel for the companies and than call Aneva. Just don't commit to anyone before calling Aneva. I actually had signed a contract with the first company that came out because the salesman said he would give me 10 days to cancel as opposed to the 3 days by law. I told him I was going to be be doing my due diligence and I asked him if he would give me a better price. He said he couldn't and that I was getting their best offer. When I called in to cancel I ended up speaking with one of the owners who suddenly lowered their price by $5,000. Yes you heard that right. At this point I did not care if what price they quoted me. That was very shady and it became an integrity issue with me. By the way this company was still priced higher than Aneva with cheaper panels and an inferior warranty. If I had not educated myself and had the background of being in sales for 35 years I would have fallen prey to this first companies nice presentation and the likability of the sales rep. I mention all of this so that you don't get fooled. If you trust me just save yourself time and call Aneva and be done with it. But if you want to experience what I did and feel really good about your decision, call Aneva last after all your other proposals and you will want to thank me. I was quoted higher prices with cheaper panels and many of those companies don't even employ their installers, they sub it out. At Aneva everyone is an employee and Anthony the owner will be overseeing the crew that installs your job. The way Anthony explained to me how the install will take place was phenomenal. It will be very clean without all those conduit lines running across my roof like you see with other companies workmanship.(Start looking at other solar jobs and you will see what I mean) Most of the sales people in this industry know very little and work on commission and will tell you anything to get the job done, and once you commit to them, you are just a number and they are onto the next potential client. Trust me i spoke with so many of these guys and when I told them I was looking elsewhere, they got very rude and tried to make me feel stupid or use scare tactics. You won't get any of that with Aneva. I was quoted with top of the line LG industry leading panels, at a lower price than most of these companies with lower rated panels and workmanship. I could have gotten these lower priced panels with Aneva for even less than what these other companies were offering, but I went for the higher quality, and again I am saving money with the LG's over the other cheaper brands I was quoted. In doing my homework, I found Aneva and was influenced by the other reviews I read. I am so happy I met Anthony and had him come out. You won't feel any pressure, just peace and confidence that you have finally met your solar company. I don't know any other way to say this without sounding rude or insensitive, but if you're in the market for solar and don't at least"
Jack Monroe March 6, 2020

Jack Monroe

"Great company to work with, we worked with Anthony the owner, had a good two hour discussion to discover our wants and needs. After two years we couldn’t be happier, we have not paid an electric bill since we went on line!"
Jack Monroe March 6, 2020

"Great company to work with, we worked with Anthony the owner, had a good two hour discussion to discover our wants and needs. After two years we couldn’t be happier, we have not paid an electric bill since we went on line!"
Ross Riemer October 14, 2019

Ross Riemer | 2019-10-10 20:53:18

"Start to finish an amazing experience. From the initial meeting to installation to completion employees were knowledgeable and friendly. I have so much confidence in Aneva Solar that I have already referred several of my friends and family."
Mickey Irizarry October 14, 2019

Mickey Irizarry | 2019-10-10 20:52:55

"We had Tony in about two years ago. He was thorough in his explanation of solar tech, and in answering all of our questions. After we signed for a system and had it installed, Tony continued to provide us excellent customer care, and, although we have not had ANY problems with our system, we are confident any issues that may arise would be dealt with in as timely a manner as possible. Our electric bill is for the minimum, monthly administrative costs charged by APS. Considering our usage and current rates, our system will pay for itself in approximately another six years. Going solar was a win-win as far as we are concerned. Needless to say, we would recommend Avena Solar to friends, neighbors, and acquaintances."