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kenneth mishark

"It would be hard to have a better experience than this company provided. From the estimate to signing the contract, the timeline was crystal clear. They showed up on time and were neat in the work they did. I chose them because they used LG branded solar panels. Buddy was our project manager and he did a spectacular job."
Kevin Reynolds

"Very good company, professional, on time and helpful. The installation went quickly with enough staff to get the job done in just a few days. So far the system has been working seamlessly and our electric bills have been reduced to under $20 a month. Great company, highly recommended."
Glenn Wilbourn

"Aneva Solar is a 1st class company! Everyone who works there was responsive and very professional. Clean installation and the system works great. We have used other Solar companies in the past, Aneva Solar has been the best to work far! Call them!"
Cedar Z

2021-05-10 | 16:28:18

"Update: After completing first year still very happy with Aneva solar.System is functioning well and production of Kilowatt energy was exactly amount they predicted. Follow up on my questions during the year was done quickly. Post instillation service is excellent, they didn't forget me after the sale. Hard to find a business like this these days. For reference here is my first review from last year: Aneva Solar provided clear understandable explanation of solar energy and their products. I received a detailed estimate that was accurate and easy to understand. They use the highest quality products (from my research). Job was completed on time and after using the system for few months it is flawless. One thing that impressed me was Aneva's well trreated employees who were professional and well trained, This may seem silly but I noticed their trucks were very clean, it tells you a lot about a company who has pride in their own equipment and treats employees well. Simply the best."
Reay Family

2021-04-16 | 20:55:20

"We had been looking at solar for quite a while but it was just not the right time. Then, we had a door to door salesman come and we started looking again. The first two companies we met with were very pushy and really smack-talked other companies. I googled "best solar" in Phoenix and found Aneva. From day one they were responsive without being pushy. They were professional and thorough. I had lots of questions and they answered them. Scott Thompson was particularly helpful. They walked us through the process and we felt very comfortable with the work they did and the price. 3 months in and we are loving our system and it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. We highly recommend Aneva and their team!"
Christopher BenVau

2020-08-31 | 19:15:42

"Just had a very large system installed on my home. Extremely happy with every element of my experience with Aneva. A little background first. I have some exposure to the solar industry from my day job in a related electrical firm. There are basically two types of companies you'll run into: sales companies that sell your contract or use subcontractors to install, and locally owned business like Avena that have their own crews and stand behind their work. Only use the latter. Never lease, always purchase. There is great financing out there, so either pay in cash or use the solar finance firms. You can't lose either way. I took three bids. All we locally owned companies with their own installation and service people. Avena was competitive, all the prices were in the same ballpark. Difference with Avena was first the sales engineer that worked with me, Mark. No hard sell or smoke and mirrors. He sent an itemized quote so I knew exactly what I was buying, easy to understand. Next Avena only only offered quality equipment, no Chinese commodity panels or components. I think this is extremely important as these systems should last twenty years or more. I chose Mark's recommendation, LG. That's the same company that makes the TVs and appliances, someone that will stand behind their warranty. In fact all components come with a 20 year warranty. After I placed the order I was introduced to Buddy the PM and Ed that ran the project at my home. All the guys were awesome. During the project I asked for a few changes, no problem. They made the changes, no push back. The owner Anthony even came out several time to ensure I was happy with the project. My system went active today and my meter is running backwards! Because I went with financing I will be cash positive in year one, this is a no brainer. Do note that installing solar on your home is a large project. I needed HOA, APS and city approval. It does take several months after placing the order for the system to become active. You need an experienced, quality provider for this to come out well. Thanks guys!"