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Jack Monroe

"Great company to work with, we worked with Anthony the owner, had a good two hour discussion to discover our wants and needs. After two years we couldn’t be happier, we have not paid an electric bill since we went on line!"
Ross Riemer

Ross Riemer | 2019-10-10 20:53:18

"Start to finish an amazing experience. From the initial meeting to installation to completion employees were knowledgeable and friendly. I have so much confidence in Aneva Solar that I have already referred several of my friends and family."
Mickey Irizarry

Mickey Irizarry | 2019-10-10 20:52:55

"We had Tony in about two years ago. He was thorough in his explanation of solar tech, and in answering all of our questions. After we signed for a system and had it installed, Tony continued to provide us excellent customer care, and, although we have not had ANY problems with our system, we are confident any issues that may arise would be dealt with in as timely a manner as possible. Our electric bill is for the minimum, monthly administrative costs charged by APS. Considering our usage and current rates, our system will pay for itself in approximately another six years. Going solar was a win-win as far as we are concerned. Needless to say, we would recommend Avena Solar to friends, neighbors, and acquaintances."
Phillip Hagel

Phillip Hagel | 2019-04-26 00:32:16

"Aneva Solar is a great company to hire. I did a ton of research before starting to get bids. I got the best pricing of all the solar companies, they recommend the right installation where others were recommending cheaper installation, and the customer service and personal touch are compared to a small business. I still hear from Anthony from time to time checking how things are going. The system works just as we were told it would. I would not recommend anyone else, this has been a good investment. "
Jim Klosterman

Jim Klosterman | 2019-02-25 16:15:35

"Aneva designed and installed a solar system on my house in Buckeye more than four years ago. The install was on time, on budget, neat, clean and professional. The system has worked perfectly since then with absolutely no problems. I couldn't be happier. I recommend them to anyone."
Greg McGee

Greg McGee | 2018-10-25 18:40:42

"Anthony and his team are top notch. The system uses high quality components installed by true professionals. Kudos to Vince and the installation team."