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Jesus M Barraza

Jesus M Barraza | 2018-06-25 20:07:25

"Great price when compared to others, Aneva had a great product and not the big price tag."
John C.

"Aneva Solar made us very happy with our decision to go solar. Anthony (the owner of the company) came to our house and explained all the costs, where we would see savings, where we wouldn't, how net metering worked, how the warranty would work on the inverter, how the installation would go - he answered all our questions and came up with a plan we could work with. It took a while before we could turn it all on; it was two months after the installation was complete before the power company inspected it and gave it their blessing. But when they did, Anthony came out again and went over all the ins and outs of operation. We are very happy with the installation and the savings we are currently enjoying. Why go with a leasing plan when you can own your own panels and absorb the savings, along with the sunlight? We can recommend Aneva Solar wholeheartedly."
Guy March
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"OK, enough about Anthony. Yeah, he is a great guy with really good follow through. But I have to give kudos to Scott. We had several companies give us presentations, but it was Scott that gave us the full and complete information. Scott is very knowledgeable and honest, he does not try to mislead you. I also have to say something about the installers, Jose and Xavier. Working during the hottest part of the summer on the flat roof and not complaining (much). When they finished the job and were whipped and were about to drive away, I found that my garage door cable had jumped the track. They stopped and came over to help, knowing that they still had an hour drive to get home. And they took all my kidding. "What, another lunch break?". And Darin did a great job getting us all wired in. This is a great crew. I definitely recommend these folks for solar."
Clinton J.

"With global temperatures raising and APS raising rates and becoming more political, etc. going solar seems like a no brainer. I got a lot of quotes and interacted with a lot of people from a lot of different companies. I knew more about solar than some of them, which is sad. After sifting through about a dozen options went with Aneva, glad I did. Great combination of value and quality. All the folks we dealt with were polite, hard-working, and took pride in their work. Install was clean and looks good. The head guy, Anthony, is one of the nicest persons I have ever met and does excellent work. If something isn't perfect he will make it perfect. These are local guys, very knowledgeable about all aspects of solar. No middle man, no extra overhead, no high pressure sales tactics. Just good work done for a fair price. If you can afford to buy your system you should go with Aneva."