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Big News in the Local Solar Energy Industry!

August 3, 2018

As one of the nation’s sunniest states, Arizona is a likely candidate for increased solar resources. However, a recent push for solar systems in Scottsdale, AZ has become a hot topic for community members, and it’s not without controversy. What’s the debate? There has been a clash between a billionaire from California and locals who don’t agree with his methods. Of course, the issue is more complicated than this implies. Here’s the scoop. Initiative Would Make Solar a Must Should the state constitution require the use of renewable resources? Is it a good idea to mandate the installation of solar... View Article

APS Rates Are Increasing—Is Now the Time to Go Solar?

July 19, 2018

Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) recently increased the amount of money Phoenix-area customers will have to pay for their electricity. Rising electrical expenses and aging grid infrastructure is leaving many homeowners wondering if now is the right time to make an investment in residential solar energy technology. While it’s true that installing photovoltaic (PV) panels on your home can be significantly expensive at the outset, it could wind up saving you enough energy in the long run to be more than worth your while. Energy costs throughout the nation are rapidly rising for a number of reasons. The aged nature... View Article

Arizona Lawmakers Are Fighting Solar, But Will They Follow the Same Route as California?

July 5, 2018

The State of California, under the auspices of the California Energy Commission, recently announced new regulations that mandate solar panels come pre-installed on every newly built home, beginning in 2020. This marks a substantial victory for alternative energy advocates throughout the nation, because California policy often becomes the national standard. In Arizona, lawmakers are currently pushing against calls to implement similar legislation, saying that the costs associated with solar installation would make the price of new homeownership too burdensome. According to the California Energy Commission, however, the costs of installing solar panels and several other energy-saving measures into new homes... View Article

Solar Confusion Is on the Ballot: Here’s What You Need to Know

June 19, 2018

As laws and regulations change, it can be difficult to keep up. Recent proposals regarding solar systems in Scottsdale, AZ are no exception. Lawmakers are currently in competition for what will be the new standards regarding clean energy. This fall, Republican lawmakers and climate advocates will put two ballot initiatives before voters to decide the fate of the future of solar systems in Scottsdale, AZ. The proposals are very similar, which could prove confusing to voters. Here’s a quick overview to keep you informed before you enter your vote. The Proposals One pending ballot is supported by environmentalists. If passed,... View Article

Why Is Arizona’s Solar Industry Growing in 2018?

June 5, 2018

Did you know that Arizona’s solar industry is still growing in 2018? Why is this? The steady growth is due to several reasons. Solar panel installation in Scottsdale, AZ offers a variety of benefits to property owners and the community at large. These advantages continue to spur industry growth. Following are the top reasons for solar’s ongoing success: Preparation: A recent tariff tacked 30 percent onto the costs of solar panel installation in Scottsdale, AZ for solar modules imported from China. However, the industry was prepared for this increase. Solar companies throughout the state saw this coming and included it... View Article

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