Will I Still Receive an Electric Bill if I Have Solar Panels?

If you currently get your power from a utility company, you probably aren’t a fan of your monthly electric bill. These bills can be costly, especially during the winter and summer when your HVAC usage spikes. To offset these costs throughout the year, some homeowners invest in solar systems in Scottsdale, AZ. While all solar systems are designed to produce sustainable energy off of the utility grid, not all systems have sufficient capacity to power a home completely. Understanding a little bit more about what you can expect when you install a solar system can help you make the right choice when it comes to powering your home.

Do I still need electricity from a utility company?

Just because you have a solar system installed on your home doesn’t mean that you don’t need service from a utility company. Most homeowners who have solar panels still rely on electrical utility service to some extent, even if they seldom utilize power from utility companies. There are several different factors that will affect your electricity billing when you install solar systems in Scottsdale, AZ:

  • System size: One of the most significant factors that will determine whether you still need electricity from a utility company is the size of your solar system. You can select various system sizes depending on what kind of results you want when it comes to energy for your home. While larger systems typically cost more and take longer to install, they also have a much greater capacity for production.
  • Utility rates: In many cases, homeowners still stay connected to electricity from utility companies even when they receive reliable power from their solar system. Even if you are relying on your solar system for all of your energy use, you might still be billed by the utility company for a delivery fee. The delivery fee that utility companies charge is typically small, often around $10, but it’s important to find out what the rates are in your specific area. It’s a good idea to keep this option open in case your system can’t sustain your energy use during a given month.
  • Energy consumption: The energy consumption of your household plays a critical role in your ability to eliminate your reliance on power from a utility company. During months when you use your HVAC system and other appliances most heavily, you might not be able to keep up with your consumption using solar energy alone. To mitigate your costs, and potentially eliminate your electric bill altogether, you should be mindful of how much energy you’re using in your household.

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