Will I Still Receive an Electric Bill if I Have Solar Panels?

Solar panels available from Aneva Solar are a great way to generate electricity for your home, and they activate via direct sunlight. Since every day won’t be sunshine-filled, you’ll still receive an electric bill. Other elements may also be involved, such as charges from your utility company.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Photovoltaic cells, usually composed of silicon, are set under glass with wiring in a metal frame. When sunshine hits the panels, it creates direct current electricity, at which point an inverter turns it into alternating current electricity. This is what’s used for your home. 

Net Metering and Its Role in the Billing Process

In Arizona, utilities use a net billing program instead of net metering. In net billing, surplus solar power produced by a solar panel setup is compensated at a rate lower than the retail electricity price, known as the excess generation credit rate.

What Affects Electricity Billing When You Install Solar Panels?

How much sunlight your area gets and where the solar panels are set affects your electric bill. For example, if your area experiences cloudy skies for almost a week, this will not allow your solar panels to absorb as much sunlight, impacting your bill. The panels also need to be properly positioned and correctly installed to receive the sunlight in the first place.

Another contributing factor is the home’s electricity input vs. output. If one is significantly more than the other, such as if your home uses much more electricity than it’s bringing in, expect that to impact your electric bill.  

Base utility costs are also an important aspect. It’s where calculations start in the first place. However, as mentioned above, if your utility company doesn’t recognize credits for excess electricity, you won’t see that reflected on your bill.

Solar Panel Consultation in Arizona

Call Aneva Solar if you think solar panels might be a good option for your home. We’ve helped many homeowners cut down their utility bills while also doing good for the environment. Our solar company is ready to answer any questions you have about the process, so you can decide if it could benefit you.

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