How to Properly Maintain Your Solar Panels

Renewable solar energy is one of the safest and cleanest ways to generate your own electricity. Since they last well over two decades, solar panels are a great investment for your home or business—as long as you maintain them properly. Like any appliance, solar panels need good care to keep them running well.

Luckily, solar panels are easy to maintain and won’t need a lot of attention to keep them working at their best. After you install your panels with help from a local solar company in Scottsdale, AZ, follow these guidelines to keep them working well all year long.

How to maintain your solar panels

Maintaining your solar panels is mostly a matter of keeping dirt, debris and leaves off the surface, so they can absorb as much sunlight as possible. Obviously, you should periodically check to ensure they’re all operating properly—but when it comes to basic maintenance, it can be accomplished with a broom, leaf blower or garden hose. It doesn’t matter whether your panels are on the roof or the ground—the method is the same. (Of course, it’s much easier to clean ground panels than having to climb up on the roof.)

In the unlikely event that there’s a heavy snow in Arizona, you’ll need to clean off your panels so they can absorb sunlight. Otherwise, most maintenance will involve keeping the panels clean of dust and leaves.

If you have tilted solar panels, rain will do most of the work for you. Be sure to clean your panels at least twice per year, and quarterly if the weather has been particularly dry and dusty or smoky.

How extreme weather can impact your panels

Arizona might not get severe winters, but we do see intense monsoon seasons. Heavy rain and occasional hail can pour down in the desert—will this affect your solar panels?

As you might imagine, solar panel designers know that any area can experience extreme weather, and they design panels accordingly. Studies have shown that they can stand up against heavy hail, snow, strong winds and extreme temperatures. However, you’ll want to make sure your solar panels come with a good warranty, and do everything necessary to ensure they remain covered. You never know what the weather will throw your way, especially in this age of increasingly frequent and extreme weather events.

Repairing or replacing solar panels

There may come a time when you need to repair or replace your solar panels. In that case, it’s smart to hire a professional to handle the job—solar panels might be heavy duty, but they’re also easy to damage when you try to do repairs on your own. Instead, check your warranty as well as your homeowners insurance policy to see who might cover the repair or replacement costs.

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