Important Things to Consider When Looking at Solar Panel Installations in Scottsdale, AZ

Like investing in any other big home improvement project, there’s a lot of research to do and factors to weigh before installing solar panels on your house. Here are a few important things to consider when looking at solar panel installations in Scottsdale, AZ.

The type, condition and layout of your roof

Solar panels are quite durable, something most first-time solar panel owners are surprised to discover. In fact, the majority of solar energy panel systems can last a good 30 years or more, depending on your roofing material. For example, the lifespan of asphalt roofs is usually around 20 years, meaning your asphalt roof must be in excellent condition before installing solar panels. If your roof needs to be repaired or replaced before you need to install new solar panels, you will have to absorb the cost of removing and then reinstall the panels.

Your roof’s layout, materials and direction also come into play. Before hiring a company to install your panels, make sure to find out if they charge additional fees for things like installing on flat, ceramic or concrete roofs. The installation processes for these types of roofs are a bit more complex, so it may cost you more. Another consideration is that you’ll need a certain amount of open roof space, which depends on the type and number of panels you choose.

The area where you live

The more sunlight that shines on your solar panels, the more energy they will generate for your home. Homeowners living in the Southern or Southwestern regions of the United States have the greatest opportunity to produce solar energy, while those further north, like in the Pacific Northwest or New England, will get much less. This doesn’t mean cloudy states can’t benefit from solar power—it just means you may need to install extra panels.

How you plan to finance it

The average cost of solar panel system installation runs between $25,000 and $35,000. However, many factors play into the actual cost of installing a solar energy system, such as the size of the system, the type of panels and the company you choose to do business with. Although paying upfront is the best way to go, not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend at once. If you opt for a loan, consider getting a solar loan that lets you make a low down payment, then pay off the remainder of the loan on a monthly basis.

Available rebates and tax credits

Check with your state, county or federal agencies to see what types of rebates and tax credits you can take advantage of to reduce the cost of your solar panel installation. Because there are often very specific requirements you have to meet, keep in mind that you may need to purchase a system from a certain company or complete and submit paperwork within a set timeframe. Your state or local utility companies might also offer incentives.

If you want to learn more about the types and benefits of solar panel installations in Scottsdale, AZ, feel free to reach out to Aneva Solar today to speak with a professional about your options!

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