Is DIY Solar Panel Installation an Option?

Solar panels come with a multitude of benefits, including lower energy bills, tax incentives and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing something positive for the environment. That said, solar panels can be an expensive investment, due to the cost of the products themselves as well as the labor costs associated with hiring solar contractors.

Some people try to cut these costs by installing the solar panels themselves. While it’s always best to work with a professional, it’s possible to install your own solar panels with the right equipment and knowledge. Check out the steps below if you’re confident in your abilities and are interested in DIY solar panel installation:

  • Design your new system: You’ll first want to design your solar panel system based on your home’s needs. Things you should factor in include the local climate, your energy needs, conversion losses, shading and expandability.
  • Look up local rules and regulations: Before you start the installation process, it’s important to make sure you have the proper permits. You don’t want to end up in the middle of your solar panel installation only to realize it isn’t code compliant.
  • Find the right equipment: This is one of the most important steps. You’ll need to find a reputable supplier who can help you decide on the right solar panels for your needs. Additional equipment you’ll need includes a solar inverter, mounting equipment and electrical supplies.
  • Install a mount and connect the solar panels: Find the perfect spot on your roof and install the mounts. You’ll then install the solar panels themselves by connecting them to the mounts.
  • Connect everything to your home: You’ll need to install a conduit, external junction box and emergency disconnect box to connect the solar panels to your home. After installing these, contact a local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to inspect your system.

Why you should work with a professional

Yes, DIY solar panel installation can help you save money. However, there are many more disadvantages to doing everything on your own. For one thing, it’s a major safety issue. Not only will you be working long hours on a roof, but you’ll also have to deal with electrical wires. Electrocution can result in serious injuries and even death if you aren’t careful. There’s also the possibility of heatstroke, as well as falling off or through the roof.

Solar panel contractors have years of experience in installing these systems on all types of buildings. They know exactly where to place the solar panels for maximum efficiency. If you place solar panels in the wrong spot during a DIY installation, you risk collecting an inadequate amount of sunlight. It’s also hard to choose the right type of solar panels without a professional’s help. There are many retailers out there that only offer subpar solar panels.

Working with a professional can actually end up saving you money. Some mistakes could result in broken solar panels, home damage and more. The cost of fixing these mistakes could easily negate the savings you enjoyed by performing the installation on your own. Save yourself some time and energy by working with a professional solar panel contractor. Contact the experts at Aneva Solar today to arrange a consultation and discuss your options.

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