Is Going Solar Right for You? Things to Consider Before Saying Yes to Solar Panel Installation in Scottsdale, AZ

Arizona gets a lot of sun—why not take advantage of the sunlight and make it give something back to you? You know, something besides toasty skin and a sweaty brow? We’re talking about utilizing Arizona’s sunshine to power rooftop solar panels. Homeowners all across the state are already using solar and saving money on their monthly energy bills.

Is going solar the right move for you? Here are some things to consider before saying yes to solar panel installation in Scottsdale, AZ.

Shade tree interference

You want to install solar panels, but you also want trees. If your home is surrounded by a lot of shade trees, this will cause issues. Solar system installations need direct sunlight in order to do what they are supposed to do—shade is solar’s enemy. Cutting down the trees to allow for solar is an option, but homeowners should seriously weigh the pros of the shade trees against the benefits of solar panels. Do the benefits of the trees outweigh those of solar? With homes that are partially shaded, solar panels can be installed outside of shadowed spaces.

The condition of the roof

Solar panels are typically installed on top of your home’s roof. Since this is the case, your roof must be in good condition. If not, it’s best to replace worn shingles with new ones, or replace old roofs entirely before or during the panel installation process. Another scenario is if your roof will need to be replaced in a few years. Putting panels on now will mean having to remove them later to replace the roof—this will cost money. It’s recommended that homeowners wait until after roof replacement to install solar panels.

Current home efficiency

Houses that lack in energy efficiency won’t benefit much from going solar. These homes have problems like leaky air ducts, poor insulation and old windows and doors. These things should be repaired—it’s less expensive and more cost-effective than installing solar panels—before solar can even be considered. Once the home is up to energy-efficiency standards, you will be happy to hear you likely only need a few panels to accommodate your household energy needs.

HOA requirements

Do you like the idea of solar panels, but have the guidelines of your homeowners association to take into account? One major thing you need to check before moving forward is wheter there are any restrictions set by your HOA regarding solar installation. Although HOAs have a say in some visual aspects of your home, they cannot prevent homeowners from installing solar panels. Here, the Arizona Revised Statutes blocks HOAs from preventing solar installations, rendering an association’s rules void.

Get several estimates

From at least three or four solar installation companies, ask for written estimates that include approximate energy savings, warranties and the type of equipment they plan to install. Also, research each company to find out about their work ethic, reputation and overall pricing.

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