Learn About Solar Rooftop Potential

Here in Phoenix, we get plenty of sunshine, and installing solar panels allows property owners to take advantage of all that sunny weather. Understanding more about solar rooftop potential in Phoenix, AZ can help you think more about the possibility of installing solar panels on your property so you can decide whether it’s the right choice for your home. Keep reading to find out about assessing the potential of your rooftop to generate solar energy.

Tools to calculate solar potential

Assessing solar rooftop potential in Phoenix, AZ gives homeowners a better idea of what they can expect from an investment in solar energy before they make a commitment to installing solar panels. Here are a few of the most popular tools available to allow homeowners to assess their solar rooftop potential:

  • Mapdwell: Mapdwell is a program developed by researchers at MIT. This tool offers comprehensive solar energy potential assessments to provide home and business owners with accurate predictions of solar energy potential based on where they live.
  • Energy Sage: Energy Sage is another popular tool that can help homeowners gauge their solar rooftop potential in Phoenix, AZ. This tool is specifically designed to help home and business owners estimate how much money they could save on energy through solar installation. In addition, this tool provides resources to match homeowners with solar system installers who can provide estimates based on the specifics of their property and their solar energy needs.
  • OpenEI Solar Mapping: OpenEI is a platform with a structure similar to that of Wikipedia. It is designed to be an open-source tool for people who are curious about solar energy and want to learn more about solar rooftop potential in Phoenix, AZ. The site includes information about the development of solar technology and the availability of solar resources in different areas.
  • PVWatts: PVWatts is an energy calculator tool developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. This tool helps property owners calculate their solar rooftop potential in Phoenix, AZ by estimating energy production and cost. The calculations made by this tool can be very helpful in giving property owners more information about what they can inspect from solar energy system installation.
  • Sun Number: A Sun Number is a calculation used to help property owners assess whether their rooftops are suitable for solar energy. These numbers are calculated based on a variety of factors and metrics gathered in specific areas. The higher the Sun Number, the higher the solar rooftop potential in Phoenix, AZ.

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