Top Reasons to Consider Alternative Energy in Scottsdale, AZ and Throughout the Southwest

Does alternative energy have a future in Arizona? We think it does! In fact, the future of Scottsdale is incredibly bright because of the unlimited possibilities of solar energy in our unique climate. Alternative energy is clean, renewable, abundant and low-maintenance. Why we wouldn’t consider alternative energy in Scottsdale, AZ is a mystery!


Since the late 1960s, leaders from across the world have grown more and more concerned about the amount of pollution in the water and air. In the decades since, the greatest contributor to pollution was found to be the burning of fuels such as coal, wood, gas and oil. Fossil fuels were and continue to be our largest source of energy. Energy is a very real need for economies across the globe, and reducing energy consumption can only be part of the solution. A clean source of energy needs to be employed.

The source of all of Earth’s energy is actually our sun. In that light, it’s interesting to think that we consider solar power an “alternative” energy source. Nevertheless, the advantage of using solar power is that it does not add more carbon dioxide or toxins into the air each time it is used. And unlike nuclear power, there is no harmful radiation produced. Installing a solar energy system is the cleanest and safest energy solution.

Low Maintenance

One of the great advantages to alternative energy sources such as solar energy is that they are low maintenance. Solar panels are manufactured with no moving parts and a standard life of 20 to 30 years with little or no updating or fixing needed. Simply plug and play! Contrast a solar panel or a solar array with a complicated coal power plant or nuclear power facility. Constant maintenance is needed for these complex systems with many moving and dangerous parts. Solar energy is the answer for a low maintenance, efficient solution for energy needs.


Another reason to consider alternative energy sources is that all traditional energy sources are finite. Fossil fuels will eventually run out. As these sources slowly diminish, their costs will continue to rise with increasing demand. Solar power is completely renewable and will not be depleted. The answer to wild energy price fluctuations is investing heavily in renewable energy solutions. Investing in a solar energy system will protect your pocketbook in the long run.


Alternative energy in Scottsdale, AZ means solar power. Not every place on the globe can take advantage of this resource in the way that the Southwest can. The sun shines more reliably and predictably here in Scottsdale than in any large metropolitan area in the U.S. This means that we have an abundant source of energy at our fingertips. This is yet another reason to consider   installing a solar energy system.

Your Source for Alternative Energy in Scottsdale, AZ

Perhaps you have determined that it is a wise move to invest in alternative energy in Scottsdale, AZ. If so, Aneva Solar can help. We are Scottsdale’s solar energy experts. We pride ourselves on premium customer service and expertise that is second to none. Give us a call today to see how alternative energy will change your life!

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