What to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Installing solar panels can be a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint, but the process can be somewhat involved, and will be a big investment in your house. Here are some details on solar energy and what to consider before deciding to proceed with solar installation in Scottsdale, AZ.

Benefits of solar panel installation

The most exciting thing to consider about going solar are the benefits that come from it. Perhaps the most impactful benefit of solar panel installation you will experience in your Scottsdale, AZ home is the cost savings resulting from a lower energy bill. Your monthly energy bill may be reduced to virtually nothing, which can be a great way to pay for the cost of the initial solar panel installation.

Another benefit of going solar is helping reduce impact on the environment. Because solar energy doesn’t require the use of fossil fuels to generate, there is no pollution going back into the environment. This reduction in your carbon footprint may be a motivator to go solar, or it may just be a pleasant side benefit to the cost savings you will experience. Either way, it’s a win-win!

Roof type

Going solar for a residential building generally means having solar panels installed on the roof. Solar panels can be installed on any type of roof, though with some roof types, solar installation in Scottsdale, AZ may take longer. For example, roofs with Spanish tiles or wood shingles may be more difficult and therefore require a longer installation process.

Roof size

Another thing to consider before going solar is the size, shape, location and condition of the roof. This will help determine how many solar panels you will need to generate enough energy to power your home. For starters, solar panels typically work best on roofs that are south-facing and have a slope between 15 and 40 degrees, though other roof angles and directions may work as well.

Solar panels are built to work in all climates, but they do require a direct line of sight to the sun to generate energy. Some solar panels are better than others at working even in the shade, but all solar panels that are covered in a lot of shade will not be as efficient at generating energy.

Finally, it’s important to consider the age and condition of the roof. If it’s older or in need of repair, it’s a good idea to have it replaced or repaired before considering solar panel installation in Scottsdale, AZ.

Length of investment

In most cases, the investment in solar panels for your home will take five to six years to pay off. This is important to consider when budgeting for the cost of buying the solar panels, as well as having them installed. On the plus side, however, solar panels will increase the value of your home should you ever decide to sell it.

When you’re ready to move forward with solar installation in Scottsdale, AZ, contact the professionals at Aneva Solar to get started with a consultation.

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