Where Can I Find Solar Energy Solutions?

More and more professionals are now available to help families make the switch from traditional energy to solar power at home. A quick Google search can provide you with local professionals who can help you make this important energy change. >

If you have been considering going solar in your home, there are several factors that you will need to consider before making this big change. Solar installation can help you save a lot of money in the long run. But one of the most important aspects of switching to solar is the positive effect this step has on our environment. As the use of fossil fuels becomes more problematic, individuals must start taking the steps they need as a family to find sustainable energy sources. Let’s look at some common questions you should ask a solar installer before having your solar panels put in. >

Will I Need a New Roof?>

In most cases, solar panels should be installed on a roof that is in good condition. The solar installation professionals will be able to assess your roof. They will be able to tell you if your current roof is in good enough shape for the solar panel installation. >

If it is determined that the roof is not in good enough shape, you may need to make repairs or even replace the roof. >

Will My Entire Home Need To Be Rewired?>

Most modern homes will not need to be entirely rewired to accommodate solar power. Most homes, however, will need changes made to the electrical service panels. Changes here are to make sure the panel can handle the solar input. A professional solar installation expert will be able to advise you on these important details. >

Does Direction Matter?>

Older solar home systems were ideally installed on homes that faced south. Today, solar technology is so advanced, though, that the direction your home is facing really does not matter. Today’s solar panels are capable of harnessing enough solar energy for your family’s power needs, regardless of the direction of your home. >

Will I Lose Trees?>

You need as much uninterrupted sunlight as possible to make the most of your solar energy. This could mean trimming surrounding growth or trees. Removing all of your trees, however, will not be necessary. A solar installation expert will be able to evaluate your property and advise you on which trees or other growth needs trimming or removal. >

Will Solar Power Lower the Value of My House?>

Extensive studies have been done that definitively prove that solar energy access increases the value of a home. Solar energy makes your power costs significantly less, which makes your home more appealing to future buyers. >

Does Solar Power Really Save Me Money?>

Yes. Solar panel installation is an investment at first, but over time the amount of money you will save on power is significant. >

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