4 Reasons for Solar Panel Installation in Prescott

Solar Panel Installation in Prescott

There are multiple reasons and drivers for solar panel installation in Prescott. Many like the idea that they will pay less in utility costs to the traditional grid and still have the same level of power production in their own home. Others favor that they are using less in the way of traditional power generation and doing more with sustainable means for a cleaner future. Still, others love technology and anything that might move forward into its use on a practical level. There’s no single perfect reason. Solar power provides a real-time, practical solution for many folks from different backgrounds. However, the key factor in every case scenario is that solar power works and works well for Prescott.


Power Costs are Not Going to Go Back Down Again

Let’s be honest; traditional utility power grids are expensive for consumers. And that reality isn’t going away. Instead, power costs continue to increase. What was yesterday’s high-tier rate is now today’s base rate. Problems are even worse in open market regions without regulated power pricing. The number one way to fight that trend is not to waste time complaining at utility regulation meetings. Instead, it introduces some good old-fashioned competition with another power source. Solar power provides that alternative.


This is Not Your Parents’ Solar

Remember that today’s solar power panel kits are light years ahead of where they were a generation ago. Often joked about as a pipe dream, early solar panel systems were clunky, expensive to put in, operated spotty, and required an engineering degree to manage. Today’s solar systems, in comparison, are durable, reliable, and built to last decades, up to 30 years, when installed correctly and taken care of. That’s a serious return on value for a home system investment. For example, most home heaters and air conditioners last up to ten years before needing replacement.


Additionally, installing a solar system with today’s technology improves your home value on the market. When it is time to sell in Prescott, a home with a full solar system installed will likely command a premium price from buyers because of the additional power options and versatility it gives a local homeowner. Aside from cost savings, life goes on as normal in a solar home whenever there’s a blackout.


Savings Provides a Fast ROI on Installation

Your return on investment with a typical home add-on usually doesn’t occur until the home appreciates. That usually can take up to a decade to realize. However, with a modern solar power installation, some of the savings happen almost immediately. First, you start seeing a reduction in the local utility power bill from the first month you turn on your system. Second, Arizona continues to provide tax incentives as well as the federal government for those who install new systems. Both help reduces the installation cost within a year at tax filing time, adding up to close to 30 percent of the cost of a system. Finally, there are cases where you generate enough solar energy that your excess can be sold back to the traditional grid. When your monthly cost goes to zero, utilities end up paying homeowners with solar for their power; your system becomes an income generator, literally. Combined, the ROI on a solar system install in Prescott happens quickly, within a handful of years at the longest.


Prescott Business Can Benefit from Solar As Well

Businesses must always look for ways to reduce costs or produce advantages to stay ahead of the competition. One of the best ways is those solutions that reduce sunk costs, such as facility expenses and utilities. By converting over to a solar system, the same benefits for a homeowner can apply to a business, especially for monthly savings on utility power generation charges. Given that a Prescott business will likely have more of a physical footprint than a detached home, the energy produced and savings realized tend to be bigger, especially when the company’s equipment starts selling energy back to the grid. It’s a common event in Prescott, where practically two-thirds of the year is sunshine.


Solar Panel Installation in Prescott is Local

Aneva Solar has been a mainstay for high-quality solar installation in homes and businesses in Prescott for years. Expertise, the best solar technology, and installations that fit each home or business building make a big difference in system performance and longevity. If you’re thinking about a big switch over to solar, you’re not alone. Hundreds of your neighbors are proving it works, and it is a great way to leverage the natural resources already available in Prescott year-round. Call us for an initial visit and evaluation. You’ll be surprised at what’s possible and how much can be saved on an installation with Aneva Solar today.