Big News in the Local Solar Energy Industry!

As one of the nation’s sunniest states, Arizona is a likely candidate for increased solar resources. However, a recent push for solar systems in Scottsdale, AZ has become a hot topic for community members, and it’s not without controversy.

What’s the debate? There has been a clash between a billionaire from California and locals who don’t agree with his methods. Of course, the issue is more complicated than this implies. Here’s the scoop.

Initiative Would Make Solar a Must

Should the state constitution require the use of renewable resources? Is it a good idea to mandate the installation of solar systems in Scottsdale, AZ? These are the questions citizens of Arizona are facing as Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona asks voters to consider amending the constitution to require renewable sources of energy to be used for Arizona’s electricity. The proposal would require half of the state’s electricity to be generated by sources such as solar and wind by 2030.

The effort is being funded by billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer. His NextGen Climate Action group has supported similar efforts in Michigan and Nevada, but those initiatives received far less pushback. In Arizona, the state’s largest electricity provider is putting up a fight.

The Debate

Steyer and other supporters believe Arizona should take greater advantage of its solar resources and develop more solar energy than it currently produces. Steyer claims the requirement would produce savings for consumers, a cleaner environment, better health and thousands of jobs.

Supporters suspect that corporate interests are being put ahead of the greater good of the people of Arizona. They maintain that more solar systems in Scottsdale, AZ and across the state would be a positive step forward for renewable resources.

Opponents suggest that the amendment would send utility rates through the roof and decrease reliability. Others point out that any Arizona plan for renewable energy should be created and implemented by leaders from Arizona rather than an activist from another state.

Still others are concerned about the fate of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. This location is currently the largest electricity producer in the nation. Since nuclear power would not count toward the 50 percent requirement of the amendment, opponents worry that the plant’s doors would close.

Each side argues that the other is attempting to simplify a complex issue and ignoring important implications.

The Future

What lies ahead for solar systems in Scottsdale, AZ? It’s tough to tell. Renewable resources are becoming more affordable and more common. If this initiative does not pass, it is likely the state will still see more and more efforts to harness the solar power so readily available in its skies.

Find Out More

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