Is Renewable Energy Right for Us?

As Arizona residents sweat their way through another hot summer, politicians and business leaders battle over the potential of alternative energy in Scottsdale, AZ. With so much solar power available, should the state be working harder to harness this resource? Community members ask if a hard push toward renewable energy is the right move for the Grand Canyon State.

With a massive movement toward renewable resources and green solutions, some may wonder why this topic is up for debate at all. Doesn’t everyone want to move toward environmentally friendly measures? Unfortunately, the topic is not that simple. Leaders on both sides of the debate point out the complex issues involved.

Choice or Law?

Recent legislative initiatives have brought this topic to the forefront of political action in Arizona. A controversial proposal would amend the state’s constitution to require that 50 percent of Arizona’s electricity be generated by renewable sources by the year 2030. The push is being backed by California billionaire Tom Steyer, whose NextGen Climate Action group has supported similar efforts in other states.

Supporters of the proposal point to the potential benefits of a greater use of alternative energy in Scottsdale, AZ. They argue that this legislation will lead to consumer savings, a healthier environment and an increase in jobs.

Opponents claim that inserting this issue into the state constitution would be a mistake. They believe this is not the best way to make policy regarding renewable resources. However, those who are pushing for the legislation wonder if anything less than constitutional law will move the needle on the state’s alternative energy use.

Economic Fallout

Arizona Public Service is fighting hard against the initiative. Its Palo Verde nuclear plant is currently the largest nuclear plant in the nation. If the state were required to use 50 percent renewable energy, APS claims this could result in a plant shutdown. Plant leaders say solar and wind input are not enough to keep the plant’s production reliable around the clock, as it currently is. On the contrary, others report that the size and capabilities of the plant would allow it to operate in a 50 percent renewable resource environment.

Which is true? Would alternative energy in Scottsdale, AZ create jobs, or would it eliminate them? Would it improve the environment or simply reduce consumer options? Will the ultimate decision be based on the best outcomes, or on who has the most billions? As money pours in on both sides of the debate, it’s hard to tell.

One thing is certain: citizens of Arizona should remain educated on this issue to make informed decisions when the choice comes their way.

Find Out More

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