Debunking Solar Energy Myths

There is a lot of misinformation about solar panels and solar energy that can get in the way of making the right energy choices for your home or business. Don’t let solar myths stop you from investing in renewable forms of energy and helping to combat all the environmental issues that plague us today. Here are some important facts to keep in mind if you come across any solar myths while researching solar panels in the Scottsdale, AZ, area.

MYTH: Solar panels don’t work in cold and cloudy weather

Though they might make you think of hot, sunny desert landscapes, solar panels work effectively and efficiently even in cloudy weather. It’s a common solar myth that a day needs to be sunny for solar panels to work. In fact, the technology of solar panels allows them to work even on cold, snowy winter days. Germany, which is not known for its blistering temperatures, is actually the world leader in use of solar panels.

MYTH: Solar energy isn’t an economically viable option

It’s a solar myth that solar energy systems are prohibitively expensive for most homes. In fact, solar panels in Scottsdale, AZ have become much more affordable over the past five to 10 years as they’ve become more popular. The average cost of solar panels has dropped 30 percent, and on a large scale it’s actually cheaper to produce solar energy than to use coal.

MYTH: Solar panels are hard to maintain

Solar panels aren’t that difficult to keep up with. You can clean them with water to remove accumulated dust and debris when needed, and they’re constructed to withstand harsh weather. Most solar panel systems don’t even have battery systems that you need to clean, making ownership even easier.

MYTH: Solar panels will damage your roof

It’s a myth that solar panels will damage your home when they’re installed. As long as you make sure your roof is sound and can bear a solar energy system before you have it installed, the panels themselves will not cause you any problems where your roofing is concerned.

MYTH: Solar energy is off the grid

It’s also a solar myth that any energy you produce through solar panels stays within your own home. If you’re connected to the grid, you don’t bank up reserve energy when solar panels produce more than you use. Instead, your energy company will simply credit your account for any surplus energy produced by your system.

MYTH: Solar panels will hurt your home sale

Some people may be prevented from investing in solar panels because they believe the myth that it will make their home impossible to sell. Studies have actually shown the opposite, however. Solar panels are a significant investment, but they help you save money in the long run, and they will increase your home’s value.

Get solar panels for your home today

Despite all the solar myths out there in Scottsdale, AZ, solar panels are an excellent investment for your home and for our planet. Contact the LG Solar preferred providers at Aneva Solar today to learn more.

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