The Top Five Reasons to Choose Solar for Your Home in Phoenix

Solar energy is on the rise, and it’s no wonder—solar panels in Arizona are a valuable, forward-thinking, economically- and environmentally-sound investment for people living in the Phoenix area. Here are the top five reasons to go solar in Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix’s sunny weather

There’s a reason Arizona is the number three state in the United States for solar panel installation. Investing in solar panels in the Southwest is a no-brainer. Phoenix is a great place to take advantage of Arizona’s sunshine and save on energy costs.

Arizona’s solar panel tax incentives

State and federal tax incentives make money-saving solar panels an even more affordable investment. Solar panels are a smart choice for investing in your home, both for the long-term benefits and because Arizona solar panel tax incentives help make them so much more affordable on the front end.

Solar panels increase your home’s value

You may think solar panels will make a home harder to sell even in Arizona, but the opposite is actually true. When considering whether or not to go for a solar system at your Phoenix home, rest assured it will pay off in more than just lower energy bills.

Increased affordability

As solar panels become more popular and their use becomes more widespread, their cost goes down. The price of solar systems in the Phoenix area has gone down almost 35 percent in the past five or so years. There has never been a better time to take the leap and go solar. And beyond lower installation costs, Arizona solar panels have also become more affordable through changing energy costs. Where previously Phoenix homeowners with solar energy were charged through net metering, starting in 2016 they are now charged through net billing. Net billing credits solar homes for the energy they produce, which saves a ton of money!

Solar panels are built to last

Solar systems are certainly an investment, but they’re one that pays off for many years to come. Solar panel systems are made to last for 40 years. Many come with excellent warranties as well. For example, Aneva Solar in Scottsdale, AZ offers 10- to 20-year warranties for our excellent solar panel systems.

Get solar panels in your Phoenix home today

Now is the time to go solar! Contact the experts at Aneva Solar to discuss your solar panel system options today. We don’t just install solar panels. Our experts will design an entire solar energy system around your unique needs in Phoenix, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. Choose Aneva Solar and you’ll end up with a solar panel system that suits your energy needs and provides you with a high-quality, long-lasting system that will grant you the quickest return on investment at 20 percent lower cost than other solar companies in the Phoenix area.

When you’re looking for the top reasons to go with solar energy in Phoenix, AZ, the long-term value and energy savings are unbeatable. Get in touch with us today to learn more and schedule a consultation—and be sure to ask about how our status as an LG Solar preferred provider can benefit you!

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