How Homeowners Are Saving More with Solar During COVID-19

From the way we communicate with others to the way we shop at the grocery store, COVID-19 has changed everything for the time being. One of the big ways it’s changed our lives is the amount of time we spend at home and our energy consumption. In fact, some electric bills have increased by 30 percent! Keep reading to learn how we’re consuming more electricity and how you can save with solar power in Scottsdale, AZ.

Where homeowners are using energy

Unless you sit at home and read books by candlelight, there’s a direct correlation between staying home and using energy. These are a few of the top things hogging our energy while we’re at home:

  • Computers: For the most part, people with 9-to-5 desk jobs have been working at home for the past few months. These home offices aren’t free! The average computer uses about 400 watts per hour, which isn’t a ton, but that money does add up after a while.
  • Lighting: We typically turn the lights off before heading out for work or school each morning, but if we’re home all day, these lights might never be turned off. Leaving all the lights on when you’re at home can increase your energy bill by up to $10.
  • Kitchen appliances: With staying at home comes eating more meals at home. While cooking for yourself is cheaper than eating out, it’s important to remember that cooking isn’t free. An electric range burner uses up to 1,000 watts per hour.
  • Central cooling: Summertime is here, which means scorching-hot days. With temperatures in the triple digits and so many of us working from home, we’re going to need to crank the AC all day long. A central AC system uses 15,000 watts in an hour, translating to over $1.50 per hour. Consider setting the thermostat a bit higher than usual to lower this cost.
  • Ceiling fans: Turning on your ceiling fans is a good way to lower the temperature without cranking the AC. However, ceiling fans still use about 75 watts per hour. Remember to turn ceiling fans off when you leave a room to help save money.

Start saving with solar panels!

Along with cutting back on your electricity usage, you can save with solar power in Scottsdale, AZ! Solar panels offset your reliance on the power company, making your home more self-sufficient and saving you big bucks. In fact, installing a 5-kilowatt solar power system can save you up to $50,000 over the next 20 years, and those savings can start right now. Along with saving money each year, solar panels add significant resale value to your home, should you ever choose to sell. If you install your solar panels now, you’ll also be eligible for some state and federal tax credits.

With stay-at-home orders still in effect, now is quite possibly the best time to install solar panels at your home. Contact Aneva Solar today to schedule a consultation and to learn how you can save with solar power in Scottsdale, AZ.

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