Benefits of Investing in Solar Power

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in homeowners installing solar panels in Scottsdale, AZ, moving away from fossil fuels and in to an era of clean energy. Even better, solar energy systems have grown increasingly more affordable and efficient, making them an investment you should consider for your home. When you’re ready to invest in solar panel installation, give the experts at Aneva Solar a call.

Here are just a few of the benefits of investing in solar power.

Lower or eliminate your energy bills

With the sunny days in Arizona, your solar panels are going to harness a lot of solar energy. Even on a cloudy day, indirect sunlight will still allow your panels to draw energy. By generating your own electricity at a constant rate, you will become less reliant on your utility company and be able to reduce your monthly bill. If your panel is able to produce enough energy each day to cover your household needs, you may be able to eliminate the use of the electric utility service all together.

Increase the value of your home

With many people wanting to experience the benefits of solar panels, by installing them on your home, you increase the value if you are ever looking to move. People looking at your home if it’s on the market will be happy that the research and installation has been done for them, and you can use the installation and energy savings as a bargaining chip for a sale. While leaving a home with installed solar panels might be difficult, the benefit for resale helps ease this potential con.

Earn rebates and tax credits

If the cost of installing solar panels in Scottsdale, AZ is keeping you from investing, consider the benefits of rebates and tax credits. There are federal tax credits that will give you back a percentage of the total system equipment and installation costs. You can also look in to state and local rebates, in addition to any Solar Renewable Energy Credits.

Save the environment

A benefit not only for you but for the planet and those around you, solar panels help the environment. This clean energy solution helps fight greenhouse gas emissions while also lowering dependence on fossil fuels, which can cause air pollution and contribute to climate change. Reducing your reliance on this finite resource has many positive benefits.

Interested in installing solar panels in Scottsdale, AZ?

The professionals at Aneva Solar are ready to get you started on your solar power journey with quality installation. We specialize in residential solar power systems, and are dedicated to doing the best work for homeowners. Working with only the best products in the industry, we will design and install your new solar panel system to make sure you get a maximum return on your investment. Starting with a consultation and roof evaluation, we place the panels to boost your overall system effectiveness. Contact us today to learn more and set up a consultation with our expert contractors.

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