Solar Energy Trends for 2021

As technology advances and the appetite for alternative energy sources grows, solar power production and utilization have increasingly risen over the past few years. The solar industry is unlikely to slow down in 2021, especially with higher utility bills incurred as we all continue to spend more time in our homes. Here are the solar energy trends in 2021 to watch for in Phoenix, AZ.

More solar shingles

Solar shingles, also known as solar roofs or solar roof tiles, can be permanently installed on the roof of a building to generate solar power. The price of solar shingles has gone down considerably over the past decade, but they’re still more expensive than solar panels. However, solar shingles have a longer lifespan than solar panels, so the difference in cost might balance out in the long run. Solar shingles can also blend perfectly with the roofing design, so the homeowner doesn’t have to sacrifice style for functionality.

Growing market for solar cars

Fossil fuel powered vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to pollution, so it’s not surprising that vehicle manufacturers and their customers are increasingly looking towards products with a smaller carbon footprint. As electric cars become more popular, the inadequate infrastructure for charging such vehicles becomes more apparent. Solar vehicles could bypass the need to rely on charging stations.

Advancements in solar road projects

Imagine if we could convert our massive networks of roads and highways into energy producers. Think about it: they get great sun exposure, and they’re literally everywhere. Pilot projects for solar roads and highways are underway all around the world, including here in the United States. If they prove to be successful, these solar road projects could possibly expand to more parts of the country.

More micro-inverters

Most of us are probably familiar with typical solar panels, but solar power can also be harnessed by smaller objects known as micro-inverters. Other advantages of the technology include flexible system design, easy installation, yield optimization and safer distribution of current. At the moment, the biggest drawback to micro-inverters is cost, as it is with any new technology.

More solar storage

Solar energy can only generate power when there’s sunlight, so it makes sense to have somewhere to store excess energy for use in the absence of sunshine. Energy storage ensures that solar power is reliable, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. If you’re installing solar panels for power, you should seriously consider installing batteries for energy storage as well. There’s even an incentive to do so in the Investment Tax Credit, so there’s no better time to act on this than now.

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