Tips to Decrease Your Solar Payback Time

There is no denying that the sun is an excellent energy source, providing enough energy in one hour to meet the energy needs of the entire world for a year. Harnessing this energy with solar panels has many advantages, including that it is renewable, low maintenance, has diverse applications and, most importantly for many, reduces electric bills. However, even though solar panels help people save money in the long run, many are hesitant to install solar panels because of the upfront cost.

Luckily, there are solutions that will allow you to reduce the payback time. Follow these tips to begin reaping the solar power system benefits in Scottsdale, AZ.

Estimate the demand

By inspecting your previous utility bills, you can figure out how much electricity your household uses on average per month. You will notice in this inspection that the amount you pay varies greatly from one month to the next. By figuring out the average amount you spend per month, you can ensure that you’re putting the money you would typically spend on bills towards paying off your solar panels. Since they help lock in energy costs at a more constant rate, that extra cash you’re saving can go towards paying off the panels.

Investigate solar incentives and rebates

A solar power system in Scottsdale, AZ could come with a number of other benefits, including tax incentives and rebates. Do some investigation on the benefits of going solar in your area. With the high potential for harnessing the sun’s energy and the benefits to the environment, the federal and state governments offer tax credits and exemptions for you to take advantage of. The money you receive from the credits and rebates can be put towards paying back your solar panel installation costs, decreasing your overall payback time.

Combine solar panels with batteries and an electric vehicle

By combining rooftop solar panels with an electric vehicle and battery storage, you can cut your payback time by more than half. By using the solar panels to store energy in batteries and also power your electric vehicle, you are enhancing the overall usage of the solar panels. Since the solar panels can produce more power than needed by a household, this allows that energy to be put to good use and increase overall savings, allowing more money to be put towards paying back the system itself.

Get a professional evaluation from Aneva Solar

When you are ready to install a solar power system in Scottsdale, AZ and enjoy all these benefits, give Aneva Solar a call. Our experts are ready to answer all of your solar power questions and provide explanations on the design and installation process. We are prepared to provide a professional roofing evaluation, checking the condition of your roof and any shade implications from trees, vents and chimneys. You can trust that Aneva Solar will provide you with a high-caliber solar solution. Give us a call today to set up your consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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